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What do you remember most from '09?

So many memories stand out from '09 for me. The crippling economy on my job (I was downsized in April), being brought back to The Rock in October (really enjoyed that one). Being a guest at Rockfest and not working at it (see previous April comment). Moving into a new loft with an amazing view of downtown! All the stellar shows at the Midland Theater (I'm talking to you Leonard Cohen). Going out to LA in March and seeing an old Buster Keaton silent movie with legendary pianist Bob Mitchell performing alongside (RIP dear sir). And of course my arrest on my 3rd week back at the Rock in October (thanks again City of Mission of setting me straight).

I now open the floor to you beloved listeners and readers of this here blog. What memories of '09 do you have. Good or Bad. I'm curious to know.

12/28/2009 3:07PM
What do you remember most from '09?
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12/28/2009 3:10PM
Going to Twisted Christmas!!
12/28/2009 3:29PM
Went to Vegas and stayed at the Hard Rock for a week with my friend Justin (the lead singer of LoveSick Radio). Came back and started my non-relationship with Eric (which is going incredibly great!). Became a vegatarian while in Vegas, came home became a vegan a month later I had a heart attack from not eating right and losing 50 pounds in a month. Forced back to eating meat and seeing a nutrionists. Moved in April. Took my son to his first Warped Tour and watched him freak out in the 3OH!3 and Paramore pits (he never wants to go back). Got in a car accident and ruptured 3 disks and fractured my tailbone in June. Closed my company in August. My son started high school. Attending Gwar for the first time with my son and we can't wait to go back next year. Started booking for Roc Bar a month later a new manager got hired and a month after that she let me go because she thought she could do it all herself. Booking freelance for several clubs and getting paid for it. Advising Chuck Mosley on career issues and turning down an op to be his booking agent. And turning 37 on Xmas. It's been a busy wonderful year!
12/29/2009 6:28AM
for some reason the thing that stuck most in my mind was mj's death. dont ask me why cause i have no idea!!
12/29/2009 10:01AM
Rockfest and Cruefest!!!
12/31/2009 11:06AM
I remember most my first experience with another woman. I have known I was bi-sexual for quite some time and just never acted on it. Got the opportunity to experience the joy of being with another woman this past summer. Also, on Christmas Eve, my husband proposed AGAIN...It was a very special moment. I said yes, of course, he accepts me for who and what I am.
01/04/2010 8:59PM
'09 was pretty sucky for me. Job to job to job...even as a nurse, I was mostly unemployed! So the same financial problems as everyone else. Just a nightmare. But 2010 is looking positive.
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