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What a weekend!


So this weekend was a blast.

A friend of mine who is a film maker invited me to be in his new zombie flick called Final Stand.

After about a fourth of a second thinking on it I seaid HELL YEAH!
I had never been in a movie before and from the actual shooting to the make up it was a blast!

Not to give away too much of the story but I was a zombie!
And I think a damn good one at that!

I have one scene where I am pinned by a truck and it was insane to shoot!
Cant wait to see it when it is all put together!
Not sure on the when it will be done editing but will let you know when I do!
We will grab some popcorn and a few brains and check it out!
Till next time!


05/10/2010 10:41AM
What a weekend!
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05/16/2010 7:17AM
05/16/2010 7:28PM
Rockfest is over. Kids are home and very hmmmm tired. Lots of muddy laundry. Im a bit upset with 98.9 and I know a few others feel the same way. I dont think to many got there deposit back from westin , To much mud. No going in the VIP TENT WITH MUD. yeahhhhhhhh right. When everyone was pushing everyone down. both the boys and others got thrown in the mud. Not there fault that someone thought it was funny.Tom charged two of us 20 each to get into VIP(who knows how many others) and there was not even beer at that late of time! Get back to me !!!!!!!! or someone else from our tent Chris is not a owner.
05/17/2010 11:47PM
Mudfest. I mean rockfest was right on. Can't wait til next year!!!!!!
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