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What a weekend!

Johnny's birthday bash with Federation of Horsepower and Steel Panther.
FOHP always kills it. That good dirty southern punk rock sound.
They really make me want to drink a bottle of Jim Beam, tear some sheet metal off my truck, and find a mud hole to play in!
Then we go to Steel Panther...Dude...Everything that was so right about the 80's you find with that band.
From the guitar/drum solo to the flashing (whoever that girl was...THANK YOU!)
Everything they do is golden to me but being a fan of the 80's power ballads "Community Property" it is truly one of those classic love song from the 80's. With a whole lot of honesty!?
Kids...Dont listen to it but if you are over 18 by all means go check it out.
The Guns cover was amazing and the Journey sing along blew me away. (check that out on the main page)
The between song show is just as good if not better than the songs themselves.
Got a text from one of my friends at the show. He was in a situation where he had to go to the bathroom but was not sure what to do. Miss the song or miss the between.
It was that good!
Better get back to it!
Now it is time to get ready for FREE Jackyl show this Wednesday at the Worth Harley Davidson North Bike Night at P&L!
See ya there!

08/31/2009 10:52AM
What a weekend!
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