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What I'm Thankful For

It's Monday morning, somewhere halfway between 8 and 9 AM, been up since 7:50 and honestly considering putting this new blog on hold since I've been stuffing thy face with turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, coffee, candy, popcorn, wine, lil' cigars and an assortment of items perishable, nonperishable, intoxicating and truth be told bowel shakingly irritating.

Translation: I may have to hit the hoop, drop some kids off at the pool, take a dump... or as my girl says to the dog, "gotta go to the baff-room".

I'm back, sorry to have stepped away for so long. I got caught up reading an outdated issue of Entertainment Weekly and their synopsis of 2012, the movie. They gave it a B. But I digress, as Thanksgiving '09 is now finished and behind us I figured I'd get all sappy on you, the ever faithful listener, and regale ya with what I'm most thankful for.

Let's start with the fact that this planet provides us with oxygen. For a little while now I feel like we as humans haven't been giving the ol' O2 the respect it deserves. We must focus ourselves on the fact, just a little bit-like in the morning when you're plucking hairs out of your nose before you get in the shower, that without Oxygen there is no humans. Throw an H before that rascally O2 and you've got something else on this planet I'm a big fan of and that's Water. Drinking it. Bathing in it. Cleaning the dog with it. That water is really something. Have you ever... ya know... in it??? Wow! Good times, good times.

And speaking of pets. Those little critters make for great snacks in the middle of the night. No, I'm kidding. But if the apocalypse does happen, and I've got fire and nothing to eat... I still probably wouldn't eat them. Savage Zombies bent on devouring brains would probably eat them. And us for that matter.

If I don't mention that which doesn't need to be mentioned I think my family and those closest to me would give me a swift kick in the junk. So to all those I spent dinners with, watch some of the games with, went to the movies with and out for bevys with over the Holiday break... I'm ever so Thankful for you all. Love ya! Mean it! Now get off my blog ;)

I'd like to now address us and the U that makes us who we are. I'm super-dope, without a doubt, Ho Fo Sho Thankful for YOU this year. Being back at the Rock. Doing afternoons for you guys. Talking on the phone, Via IM/Email, running into you in person out and about, this year especially, I'm thankful for you. We've had some serious fun over the last couple of months and are going to have a blast in December with Twisted Christmas and the New Year's Eve Big Ball! Closing out 09 and welcoming in 2010 is gonna be bananas and I hope you've brought enough for everyone!

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