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Well here we are again...


The day after the Super Bowl.
I am not one to talk sports very often but I have to admit it was a hell of a game.
The Saints really in the end just wanted it more.
I have also found that it is kind of fun to watch a game where you are not really pushing for either team.
But now for the important question...Favorite commercial?
What do you think?
I would have to lean towards the Doritos Ninja or maybe the Megan Fox in the bath tub.
Who 'am I trying to kid!
It was Megan Fox in the bath tub...What was she even selling in there?

What was yours?

Till next time!

02/08/2010 12:52PM
Well here we are again...
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02/15/2010 1:50PM
I'm torn as well. Dorito Ninja F*ckin' funny, but Fox is... well a fox.
02/18/2010 4:24PM
Fox followed by Dorrito Ninja followed by the Betty White football commercial.
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