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Well...That went fast!

Yup I am talking about the Rockaholic pre-sale for the Low Dough Show with Sevendust and Drowning Pool.
Seems like they just keep getting faster and faster.
Since the sell out I have had many calls and emails about the "scalpers" getting all the tickets.
Unfortunately there really is nothing we can do to stop that but there is something you can do to stop it.
Don't buy their tickets.
Keep trying your luck on winning them or just contact the person that you see online and try to talk them down on the price.
You know what they paid.
Make them a fair offer.
Dont forget there is a service fee on the tickets but if they want 50 for a 9.89 ticket that is a bit out of hand.
Not everyone you find with extra tickets will try to gouge you one the price.
Some got tickets and found out after the fact they had to work or could not make the show for some reason.
But to those who bought a bunch just to make money, I say shame on you.
I guess in the future when a Rockaholic pre-sale fires up do whatever you can to make sure you are close to a computer so you can be one of the first to get your tickets.

Sorry about the rant.

Till next time!


02/02/2010 10:54AM
Well...That went fast!
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