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...I have had some time to think about it and talked to allot of people about the Motley show Sunday.
As a true hard core "Crue Head" I have to say that was the worst show I have seen them do.
I have been to more Motley shows than I can count and Vince has always been rough but in my opinion he really did not even try this time.
The band nailed it. Nikki, Tommy, and Mick (best I have seen Mick in years by the way) held it together but Vince was not even close.
At one point I had to block out the vocals from the stage and just sing really loud in my head the way it was supposed to be.
Sorry if this ruffles some feathers but as a die hard Motley fan I feel I am entitled to this opinion.
They are still my favorite band in the world but who is telling Vince that he sounds ok.
I really feel embarrassed for them.
For you first time viewers of a Motley show I am sorry.
That is not how it is supposed to sound.
Just my humble opinion.

08/12/2009 12:00PM
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11/16/2009 8:54AM
duuude i kinda hear ya on that. im only 16 years old and and that was my first motley show..like you said vince did do absolutely horrid but the rest of the band completely tore it up. i still thought it was a great show an godsmack REALLY maid it worth goin! i got to say..i am a crue head myself but godsmack took all there shit and drove it up the wall. it was absolutely nuts..like i said i still have a great time i felt like i got to see two of the greatest performing drummers to ever live and just some pretty dam good music.. alexx
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