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Ryan Westward
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Weekly Rock Wind Up Blog! (9/23)

Kicking off this week's WRWU Blog is a little something for you A-Hole Bob!

* Iconic rock band RUSH will be dropping a two-disc live album "Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland" as well as "Moving Pictures: Live 2011" on November 7th. As Peter Griffin said, "Canada sucks!"... just kidding... sorta....

* Drummer Matt Sorum of THE CULT, GNR, & VELVET REVOLVER is selling his bass drums from THE CULT'S "Beyond Good and Evil" tour.

* Kirk Hammett of METALLICA has custom hand-made guitar straps made from high-end Italian leather for sale. You can purchase those from www.kirk-hammett.com

* Speaking of METLLICA, their album poster with LOU REED has been banned from London's Underground for resembling graffiti too closely.

* I wonder if London's Underground will ban STEEL PANTHER'S new album cover?

* PEARL JAM, hot on the heels of their new documentary, announced they are halfway done with a new album!

* Looks like NEIL YOUNG'S following in the foot steps of KEITH RICHARDS and SAMMY HAGAR by putting out his own autobiography in the fall of 2012.

* DISTURBED to put out a B-Sides compiolation "The Lost Children" before the year's up.

* Oh and if anyone care's, cause everybody huts... sometimes... R.E.M. called it quits this week.

09/23/2011 2:17PM
Weekly Rock Wind Up Blog! (9/23)
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