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Weekly Rock Wind Up (8/12)

And so here we are again with YOUR Weekly Rock Wind Up Blog where I attempt to keep you in the loop with all of Rock-n-Roll's comings and goings. Let us begin... shall we?

*Jack White and Bob Dylan are probably the two biggest stars to contribute to a brand new collection of recordings of songs by country music legend Hank Williams. "The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams" is slated to be released on October 3rd and will have a Who's-Who list of artist contributing to never-before-heard songs from the late songwriter. And just who are some of the names in conjuction to Dylan and White? Alan Jackson, Norah Jones, Levon Helm, Sheryl Crow, Merle Haggard and Dylan's own son Jakob.

*I know neither of the following artist show up on The Rock but we know who they are in Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse. As we all know Winehouse died on July 23rd and it seems that Gaga wants to portray her in biopic.

*Another one of those, "Holy shit! Is that album really 20 years old?!?" If we're talking about Metallica's "Black Album" then yes, it is! And to commemorate it a litney of artist have covered the songs and will be available in the September issue of Germany's Metal Hammer magazine. Some of the artist include; DevilDriver, Sodom, Motorjesus and LEMMY!!

*"God Bless Ozzy" the documentary about rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, and produced/directed by his son Jack, hits theaters on the 24th and 29th on this month. There will be showings in and around KC. Follow this link to see where a showtime will be near you; http://www.fathomevents.com/originals/series/godblessozzy0824_29.aspx

*Looks like RATT to make another return to the world of Rock-n-Roll in 2012. If you recall the resurfaced, initially, last year with "Infestation" which won some critical acclaim. However, they briefly toured then went on indefinate hiatus.


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08/15/2011 1:10PM
Weekly Rock Wind Up (8/12)
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