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Weekly Rock Wind UP Blog

Today's blog will probably be a short one as my head's spinning like I just got off some wicked satanic ferris wheel run by John Wayne Gacy... Here goes nothing.

New music news came out this week. Looks like Soundgarden, the Pixies, Serj Tankian and possibly A Perfect Circle are all working on new stuff.

Queens of the Stone Age announced a spring tour this week. There WILL be a stop in KC at The Beaumont Club on April 6th.

Sammy Hagar has a new book due out on March 15th. And surprise, surprise, he actually gushes about his time in Van Halen.

Original GnR lineup for next year's Super Bowl half-time performance? That's the rumor, but I highly doubt it. Although...

AC/DC's "Let There Be Rock" is coming out on Blu-ray June 7th. It'll be a limited edition Blu-ray/DVD combo.

And in the does anyone really care department, Sebastian Bach heading back into the studio.

02/18/2011 4:12PM
Weekly Rock Wind UP Blog
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