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Vacation 2011


Well it was about a week ago that KC was deep in the heart of one hell of a heat wave.

For me though it was not too bad. I was looking at a high of 81 when it was 110 here!

Headed up to northern Minnesota for a few days in a cabin on Leech Lake.

I will be the first to admit that my idea of "roughing it" is having a hotel room with the remote stuck to the night stand but after a night and a few bottles of Jack I have to admit it was really kick ass.

Sure there were a few kinks in the trip.

Bear poop right next to the cabin, a circuit breaker that would click off, (at the worst time) and a fight to the death with a bat but other than that it was a hell of a trip.

To explain the circut breaker and poor timing....It was Monday night of vacation and things were good. We had a wicked thunderstorm going and were out on the screen room.

Jess had gone into the cabin for another drink and I suddenly felt a little flutter go past my head.

I dismissed it as a bug or maybe the Jack was really starting to kick in.

Then it did it again...I could see in the twilight a small figure circling the room.

With my Ninja/Cat like skills I dove into the cabin.

It was about the time I slammed the door that Jessica asked what was going on? I could only reply in a pant "bat".

As a man I realized (after my heart slowed down a bit) that I had to do something.

I knew that there was a fish net next to the fridge (on the patio with the bat) So I "sacked up" and low crawled to the net.

After that I launched myself back into the cabin and caught my breath.

Finally I realized the bat was not going to leave on his own.

So I (with the help of Jess and her small flash light from in the cabin) made my way out to the patio again.

It was me or him so after a few sweeps in the air with ZERO luck I decided it was time to put some light on the situation and finish this fight once and for all.

So with the net in front of my face I reach up to pull the light cord and just as I get to it I hear "click" as the breaker goes out and that is almost instantly followed by hysterical laughing (Yes, Jess thought this was the best thing ever)

Finally 3 sweep later victory was mine.

He put up a good fight but learned that in the end nothing stands or flys between me and my drink.

Feel free to play "The Great Outdoors" scene in your head now.

Not as many miles as usual but sometimes you need to take a vacation and not a death trip! (or at least death by road)
Till next time!

08/09/2011 9:34AM
Vacation 2011
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