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Ryan Westward
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Upcoming shows

You know, we've got a lot of badass shows coming to the area. Of course, you know the Low Dough Shinedown show...Which, don't forget, keep it locked on The Rock for your chance to win CHEAP tickets to the show...So cheap, THEY'RE FREE!

But seriously, we've got a lot of other great shows...Black Label Society, Lamb of God, Queensryche, Killswitch Engage, Nickelback/Seether/Saving Abel...The list goes on...You can find out more about the shows, and get your tickets, on our CONCERTS PAGE!

02/23/2009 12:10PM
Upcoming shows
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03/08/2009 8:52PM
hey Moose this is Jacob from Missouri I have been trying to get tickets to the Shinedown show for about 2 weeks now and everytime you guys go to take calls for them I can never get in and it is always right after you or someone els says " we will be taking caller #...." whatever call you take that day I don't know if it is my phone or what but sometime I don't even get the # to call so I know there are lots of people that want to go but if I could give a pointer it would be to give the number to call befor you say what caller you take and slow it down b/c there is times that we don't get the number well other then that you guys do a good job keep it up
03/09/2009 5:55PM
Are you doin rockfest at liberty memorial this year?
03/11/2009 7:45AM
Hey we were wondering when information about Rockfest 2009 would be out?
03/13/2009 10:38PM
Beth F
Dear Mr. Moose: My son, August(I believe you've met him)introduced me to Shinedown years ago, I have been listening faithfully every since. My husband won tickets to your show, and I would like to tell you how beautiful it was for me. I always love to watch young people make music, and those men truly made genuine music. I felt like a "crow chasing the butterfly" when I walked into the theater, but as soon as the music started, I felt privileged, honored to be with the audience, the bands, the staff. I know this music reaches through and across generations, Shinedown are poets, who share genuine messages for all, and I thank you for the experience. I will be 46 tuesday,but felt 26 the whole evening.Sorry if I'm rambling, but the show was heavy, yet soulful and I will never forget the evening. Thank you Thank you, Beth F
03/14/2009 4:36PM
how can i win some larry the cable guy tickets? im a major fan!! let me get er' done!! lol!!!
03/20/2009 9:03AM
Deborah Hines
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, please help, I must see them!!!!!!! I will be at the Voodoo Lounge begging to get in. I will buy anyones tickets. Please sell me tour tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
03/20/2009 3:12PM
hey moose, was just wondering about Rockfest, haven't heard anything about it yet and was just wondering. This will be my third Rockfest and they just keep getting better. Hope to hear soon about date and line up.
03/20/2009 6:17PM
Ya I was wondering when Rockfest was this year and how much the tickets are?
03/21/2009 3:02PM
Hey Moose!Looking better than ever my man! I am not responding for tickets, though I always like free shit :) No, see I am wondering why your latest post is like, 3 MONTHS old?? WTF man! I don't stay in touch with you as much as I use too, so I come here to see what ya got going on & the damn blog is out dated! Well enough bitchin'....I know you are a busy man, espically riding your Harley and all, so I hope next time I hit this page up you will have something updated on here. A Fan For Ages (AFFA)
03/22/2009 5:26PM
REALLY looking forward to rockfest!! Would like to know when info will be out on bands and such???
03/23/2009 7:54PM
i live in wichita and was wonderin if there is any word on rockfest 09?
03/24/2009 5:05PM
hey, when is rockfest and when can i get my tickets? oh, and who is going to be there????? please help
03/25/2009 7:56AM
Morgan D
Hey Moose, I was wondering when you were going to release when ROCKFEST 2009 will be! I am trying to plan a bachelorette party for my friend and I love her to death but I can't miss Rockfest!!! Please release it soon!!! Thanks, I love you guys!!!
04/06/2009 3:44PM
oh my fucking god dude! i know it's late.... but lmao i'm being my usual self... but you think you can get me some free tickets up for the BIG ROCKFEST 09??? i have tons of friends going! t.hehe. and i wanna go (:
04/15/2009 2:43PM
hey.. can anyone answer a question for me. the nickelback concert at the sprint center on april 8th.. does anyone remember the name of the song that Ryan (the guitarist) sang? it was a great song and i can not remember what the name of it was. hope someone can help.. thanks.
05/14/2009 3:02AM
THANK YOU 98.9 FOR PUTTING ON THIS AMAZING SHOW FOR US ROCKERS! I ABSOLUTLY LOVE THE SHOW,THE BANDS,THE BEER,THE WOMEN,AND OF COURSE 98.9. Haven't been to rockfest since 1998 but i have a ticket for 2009 so i am stoked and more than ready! thanx again, i'll see ya there 98.9 and i'll have a beer waiting for everybody when ya show up!
01/12/2011 9:09AM
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