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Tommy Lee's Methods of Mayhem, Fight Song

Methods of Mayhem - Fight Song

Here's Tommy Lee, Motley Crue's drummer, with his side project Methods of Mayhem. Their sophomore album, which was only about a decade in the making, A Public Disservice Announcementdrops on September 21. The song above, Fight Song, sounds pretty solid and I suspect we'll hear it in various movies, TV shows, and somewhere in the UFC. Take a listen and tell me what you think!

08/04/2010 3:21PM
Tommy Lee's Methods of Mayhem, Fight Song
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08/04/2010 3:52PM
not too bad...actually liked their debute album...love the mexican spot in the middle...funny!
08/04/2010 7:16PM
I like it. It's not "Get Naked Roof roof doin'it dogy style" but it's good. Glad your back NIVENS!!
08/24/2010 6:33PM
This tune rips!!! High energy, go rip your neighbor's head off type stuff here. You need to fit this into your rotation for sure!!!
08/24/2010 6:43PM
This Kicks ass!Love it!!
08/24/2010 8:15PM
Big Monkey
It KICKS!!!!
08/25/2010 2:43PM
Jason Nations
It's awesome. Hell yeah! I love it!!
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