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Today's Movie/Music Choice...

Greetings all!

One of my New Year's Resolutions, and we've all got a sh!t-ton I'm sure, is to provide you the faithful listener/reader with a daily suggestion of a Movie to watch or a CD to listen to. Mind you these are only suggestions by me and do not represent the opinions of Entercom/98.9 The Rock/A-Hole Bob/Johnny/T-Bone/Jake/Gregg/Carrie/Moose/Ryan/Chuck/Any Part-timers/The States of Kansas or Missouri/any County within our listening area or my mom.

NOW; that being said... let's proceed to the Movie:

A Perfect Getaway staring Steve Zahn, Milla Jovovich, Timothy Olyphant and Kiele Sanchez. Perhaps you've seen the preview. A couple is enjoying their Honeymoon in Hawaii when fear strikes them in the form of a murder on an island one over from them and the killers may or may not be now on their island. I enjoyed this movie as you're constantly trying to piece it all together before you're forced to piece it together. See if you can follow along and guess its ending. 2 outta 3 m/

Onto the music; New Tales to Tell: A Tribute To Love & Rockets. I recall a couple few of these songs from the actual L&R's days, most notably So Alive covered by Better Than Ezra, but this collaboration of artists; Black Francis, The Flaming Lips, and Puscifer just to name a few, really bring these songs to life with their own flair and show just how important Love & Rockets were in helping to shape music over the years. 3 outta 3 m/ 
Recommended Tracks:
All In My Mind, I Feel Speed, So Alive, Sweet F.A.

01/04/2010 7:09AM
Today's Movie/Music Choice...
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