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Nivens Log, Vol. CXXII * Joss Stone Temple Pilots *

One day after CHESTER BENNINGTON and STONE TEMPLE PILOTS announced an amicable split betwixt the two JOSS STONE teamed up with STP on JIMMY KIMMEL for his "Mash Up Monday" segment; appropriately called JOSS STONE TEMPLE PILOTS! No word on who the new frontman or woman will be. As more details emerge I'll fill you in.

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Nivens Log, Vol. CXXI * Dave Chappelle's Sesame Street * State of the Fart *

You'll never look at Sesame Street the same again! DAVE CHAPPELLE knocks it out of the park!

Have to give credit where credit is due, Metal Sucks posted up about these guys today and digging around their catalog has been nothing short of amazing... though Moose disagrees with me! STATE OF THE FART is brilliant!

And here's the dude, GUY FIRST, making BEHEMOTH lose it!

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Nivens Log, Vol. CXIX * Jim Breuer * Weekly Rock Wind Up * New Music Friday

I can't say for certain I'd have as much class as comedian JIM BREUER. He's an ardent METS fan and has been super classy in his post season videos he's been posting. Here's the most recent from Game 2!

Met game recap!

Posted by Jim Breuer on Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Given how cool he's been, I went back to him today for the 4:20 Smoke Break. Simply titled, "Alcohol Party". This is a great bit!!

Some notable new music out today!! 
  • PUSCIFER with "Money Shot". Catch them next month at the Midland! 
  • ESCAPE THE FATE - Rockfest alums put out "Hate Me"
  • DEF LEPPARD put out a new self-titled disc
  • SKINDRED and "Volume" drops today as well!
ANNND the WEEKLY ROCK WIND UP!! Lots of good stuff to cover from the FOO FIGHTERS to HUNTRESS! RECORD STORE DAY'S BLACK FRIDAY list!! RIP JACK BRUCE & then some! 

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Nivens Log, Vol. CXVIII * Mourning Son * Jim Breuer *

DAVE NAVARRO is opening up about the murder of his mother back in the 80's in a new documentary "Mourning Son". The trailer is pretty intense!


Comedian JIM BREUER was a class act after watching his beloved METS lose to the ROYALS last night. Here's what he had to say...

Met fan recap!

Posted by Jim Breuer on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

And given Breuer's classiness I figured he'd be a sure bet for today's 4:20 Smoke Break!
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Nivens Log, Vol. CXVII * Nick Youssef * Go Royals * WRWU * Foo News

We made it!! FRIDAY!! As of this blog the Royals have yet to play the Blue Jays to advance to the World Series against the Mets of New York. So to the #BoysinBlue; let's button this sh!t up tonight! #TaketheCrown

NICK YOUSSEF was today's 4:20 Smoke Break of Stand Up Comedy with a bit simply titled, "LOL". 
NSFW - language. Enjoy!


#AsHeardOnAir - 1000 musicians in Italy get together to shoot a video and convince the FOO FIGHTERS to come to their town and put on a show!! It's happening!! November 3rd in Carisport, Cesena! How kick ass. Peep the video if you haven't seen it!

And here's today's WEELY ROCK WIND UP!! I'm really all over the place on this one! HUSKER DU, EDDIE SPAGHETTI, GLENN DANZIG, SULLY ERNA, SUPERJOINT and more!! 

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Nivens Log, CXVI * Brooks Wheelan * Sully in Black Files *

Here's the full NSFW video of BROOKS WHEELAN from today's 4:20 Smoke Break! 

I mentioned how GODSMACK'S SULLY ERNA is set to start in a new flick called, "Black Files". From their Facebook page it states, "The family of the US Ambassador in an East-European country is slaughtered. The world’s media attention is now pointed at Sofia, Bulgaria. Top CIA agent is assigned to find out who is responsible for the assault. He recruits a local rookie cop and they dig deeper into world of corruption, terrorism and international crime. The deeper they go, the more they realize that the truth is hidden behind “non-existing” powerful organization, named Black Files." Looks like the crowdfunding begins November 1st via Indiegogo! 
Here's the trailer they've put together thus far. 


The following can only be best described as the Caller of the Day! Next time I'll keep the audio. G'night er'rybody!

Me: "The Rock!" 
Caller: "The Rock?"
Me? "Yes." 
Caller: "What caller am I?" 
Me: (Perplexed) "For what?"
Caller: "Stevie Wonder tickets!"
Me: "You know you called The Rock, right?"
Caller: "Yeah!"
Me: "And you think that WE would be giving away tickets for Stevie Wonder?"
Caller: "Well I was listening to the Rock and they said to call in!"
Me: "For Stevie Wonder?!? You really think we'd give away tickets to Stevie Wonder?"
Caller: "WELL, that's who I was supposed to call in to!"
Me: "For Stevie Wonder?! I mean... 
Caller: "So yeah, what caller am I?
Me: "You have a hard time admitting when you're wrong, don't you?"
Caller: "Well you never know! Right!?!"
Me: "Sigh"
And scene
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Nivens Log, Vol. CXV * Iliza * HBD Snoop * Puscifer Monday Shot Vid *

Ms. ILIZA SCHLESINGER (which when said angrily & fast sounds like something you'd find on some old Nazi propaganda audio) was today's 4:20 Smoke Break. She's got a new performance coming to NETFLIX in January! @iliza on the Twitter! 
Here's her full NSFW bit from today.


Happy Birthday SNOOP DOGG (though I thought it was SNOOP LION) with this little gem from THE GOURDS


New - wildly entertaining - video from PUSCIFER "Money Shot" came out a few days ago. This precedes the release of their new album that bears the same name. Catch Puscifer when they come to KC next month! Try & Win Tix Here! 

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Nivens Log, Vol. CXIV * New Music Friday * Weekly Rock Wind Up * Bink from 610

Another exciting day for new music in metal and rock!! 
  • SEVENDUST is back with their 11th studio album "Kill the Flaw". They absolutely set the stage on fire Tuesday night at the Midland! 
  • TRIVIUM, who we've seen at Rockfest before, drops their latest offering today with "Silence the Snow"
  • CLUTCH, one of the most underrated rock bands on the planet, put out "Psychic Warfare". 
This week's Weekly Rock Wind Up has tales about JOAN JETT, COREY TAYLOR, MJK & more! 

Here's an extended chat I had with Bink from 610 Sports today for my Couch King Sports segment. 
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Nivens Log, Vol. CXIII * Brent Morin * Water on Mars

Pretty funny 4:20 Smoke Break today from BRENT MORIN who has a problem with goodbyes or leaving properly!

Here's NASA's announcement today about water on Mars!

My response to this!! 

Totally forgot this was out there. Thanks REVOLVER MAG for reminding me today. Basically it's early MJK from TOOL doing an early rendition of "Sober". Enjoy!

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The History of Metal & Horror Interview

Had the pleasure of chatting with MIKE SCHIFF mastermind behind the new documentary THE HISTORY OF METAL AND HORROR yesterday. Super stoked to see this come to life and making my pledge towards it this weekend! 

Get in on the action here -> https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-history-of-metal-and-horror#/story
Check the website here-> http://www.metalhorror.com

Peep the interview here!

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