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Time Flys!

What happened to the year?
Ok, I know this is kind of silly but do you remember when you were a kid and you would always ask your mom and dad why it takes so long for Christmas, your birthday, summer vacation, really anything to get here and they would always tell you that as you get older things would get faster?
Well, I guess they were right!
We are already half way through the year!
I could swear that just last week it was still chilly and there was a chance for snow. I was taking down the Christmas lights while avoiding falling off my wood pile like I did putting them up!
But this morning I woke up and its less than two weeks from the 1st day of summer and my birthday! (feel free to send gifts, that is June 21st for those of you keeping track)
There are still plenty of warm days (or hot as hell here in KC)
So get off the computer and get outside!
Before you know it the chance for snow will be back in the forecast and we will be hearing Charismas music all over the place!
Score another one for mom and dad!


06/08/2009 2:02PM
Time Flys!
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07/30/2009 2:20PM
know what you mean i;ve got 70 players and lucky to get haff always lookin for more players think you all would like to come out some time it;s free just bring your own paint and gier if you don;t have any call me and ill hook you up 305-3696 web site jimmyspaintballkansascity(yahoogroups)later....
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