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Thunder Run 2010!


So there I was up early Saturday morning ready to go for a nice little ride up to Worth for 3rd annual Thunder Run for JDRF.

The sun was shining and the weather looked great.

Had my breakfast and ran through the shower.

Walking into the bedroom I heard what could best be described as a jet taking off....But it was rain.

Not really a normal KC type rain but something you would expect to see in a tropical rain forest.

So I tossed on my rain gear and full face and set off on my journey.

Going up 35 I notice cars pulled off to the side of the road waiting for it to let up (which it never did).

Finally Worth was in sight.

Surely no one would come out for this ride on a crap day like this.

I was wrong. I was met by many brave souls who came out.

After about a two hour delay for the weather we hit the road.

The streets were dry and we had a smooth ride.

To those of you who made it I would like to say "thank you" and for those of you who did not. It is all good. But I do expect to see you out there next year.

I have already put in a request for good weather!


Ps. Keep a eye out for a 100 Mile Radius featuring the Thunder Run soon!

06/14/2010 11:09AM
Thunder Run 2010!
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