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This past weekend/Monday's Movie&Music Choice

Greetings all in the world wide web of blogging, vlogging, YouTubing... and any other ING you wanna partake in on the net. Today I'm giving you a 2-for-1 special on thy blog. AND all for the low, low price of.... your time for reading.


Let's begin with what all went down over the weekend.
Friday: Caught live/local music at Crosstown Station (1st time there/Saw The Belated/Had a blast) then caught a lift down to O'Dowd's on the Plaza to catch some more live music. Took a taxi home and crashed out until mid-Saturday morning.

Saturday: In order to curb my slight hangover I walked across the street to a new joint in the Crossroads called Hamburger Mary's. Had a Bloody Mary (Hair of the dog) and ordered up a burger with bacon on it, loaded with the necessary toppings including an onion ring. It was sick (good)! Threw down on an On Demand rental of Public Enemiesand then welcomed a new pet into our little clan; a red boned coon named Blue. He's a great pup and is immediate best friends with Rafi. http://www.petshalfwayhome.com/ Plenty of pups who need good homes!

I also got some Tat work done, drank some beer, watched a smidge of the Cardinals/Packers game with friends at our place and enjoyed a DVD I hadn't seen in a couple few years, Sessions for Rober J. Which leads me to...

Today's Music&Movie Choice:
Sessions for Robert J. Eric Clapton rallys up a band of musicians and explains his love for the Blues and the influence Robert Johnson had on him as a performer. You'll be surprised at how many tunes Johnson did you know from being covered by other artist.

01/11/2010 3:18PM
This past weekend/Monday's Movie&Music Choice
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