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The New Joint...

It's taken me a moment to figure out our new camera, and thus upload photos of our new place, but I've got it understood now! The photos below are of the new digs, sans furniture.

Here's the view coming in from the hall of the entertainment room. Allison's in the corner on the edge of the kitchen. Every night when I come home this is the view I see! Dope.


View into the kitchen. A killer bar top!


View into the master bedroom. The alley outside our window turns into St. Paul Avenue. I didn't even know there was a St. Paul Ave in KC. We've got a second bedroom, but I'm not going to put any photos of that up until next time.


Partial View from the kitchen out the window. I say partial because we can see well into the Westside and as far east as the I-29/I-70 interchange. It's pretty sweet :)


There's a couple few pictures for you to feast on. Once we're totally in and unpacked I'll take more photos and post them for you guys.

11/09/2009 9:54AM
The New Joint...
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11/09/2009 2:23PM
Dude the new place looks awesome, you can't beat that view!
11/16/2009 6:24PM
Ed The Beerman!
Cool place! The first stick of "furniture" should obviously be a kegerator.
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