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The Mall!


Here we are.
The first of December has arrived.
Just a few weeks till Christmas and the hunt for gifts is on (at least for me).
I do really love Christmas but the shopping part kicks my ass.
I admit that I like shopping for my little nieces and nephews. How can you go wrong in a toy store!
But there are some on my list that I just cant get gifts for there.
Those of you that know me know that I really don't fit in at "the mall" but at least once a year I do have to go there.
Sure I get a few looks but that's the only place that I know of to get the "good smelly stuff" and "shiny things" that my girl likes.

So I have created a little Christmas mix that I like to listen to as I go out to brave the mall.
I would like to share it with you if I may.

Motley/Hooligans Holiday (for the drive in)
Drowning Pool/Bodies (works best when parking)
Pantera/Walk (good for entering the mall)
Soil/Halo (just for fun)
Mudvayne/Not Falling (good for taking a break between stores)
Motley/Kickstart (done with break back to it)
Anthrax/Caught In A Mosh (fighting lines at checkout)
AIC/Rooster (another good little break in the madness song)
AC-DC/If You Want Blood (good for the later part of the day when the game is on)
Metallica/Orion (great for the time that you are about to loose it all. very soothing)
Megadeath/Symphony Of Destruction (you are in the home stretch at this point)
GNR/ Paradise City (as you are exiting the mall)
Motley/Hooligans Holiday (for the drive home...as loud as it will go)

Congratulations you have made it through another year of shopping.

I'm not saying that this is the best mix for you but it has helped me for many years.

Good luck and happy shopping!


Ps. I usually end this with a few beers at my local bar.

12/01/2009 10:47AM
The Mall!
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