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The Electric Cigarette

So the new craze out there seems to be the electric cigarette. Many people I know from my girlfriend to all the guys in Red Line Chemistry have 'em. My question is; how many of you have used it or own it? And do we even know what, if any, long term effects it can have on you?

09/14/2010 4:08PM
The Electric Cigarette
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09/14/2010 4:30PM
Hey man! Yeah these things are seriously heating up. So much so that myself and a few partners started our own KC based company, Smok Inc. Our Smok Cig (you'll have to see the logo) hits HARD. I've been on e-cigs for months now and have not touched an analog cig since. No we do not have hard evidence of the long term effects of vaping an e-cig are yet. I can tell you though that the main ingredient in the juice is propylene glycol, (not diethylene glycol as used in antifreeze). If you've ever seen a smoke machine at a concert then you know what the glycol does. Everything in the juices is deemed safe for consumption by the FDA, however, when all mixed together the juice is not. (Funny huh?) I suppose it has something to do with politics... Anyway, we just started up 4 months ago, but if you wanna try these puppies out we'd like to give you a free starter kit... email me at mike@smokcigs.com if you're interested!
09/14/2010 4:31PM
Michael Simmons
I've been vaping on the Smok Electronic Cigarette for three months now and have to say that it is one of the best out there. I've been smoke free for over two months and can breathe now! Vaping is much better than smoking and I can even vape on them inside the airport. There is no better way to go. Go check out www.smokcigs.com and buy yourself a kit! Also, we are based in the Kansas City Area and would like to sponsor a giveaway through 98.9 The Rock. Nivens, please contact me via E-mail and we'll get someone set up with a kit!
09/14/2010 9:03PM
Oh, and Laslow is getting his tomorrow... ;)
09/15/2010 12:42PM
F 'Em Up Chuck
Is it like smokin' a microwave? If it is, I don't see any health issues with it.
09/15/2010 3:03PM
I got the electric ciggy awhile back. My only real complaint - well, I have two. One, it's heavy. You can't just have it in your mouth while you do other things - it tends to droop and will fall out if you get distracted. Two, I can't get used to thekind of essence, the "feeling" of smoking. It is different; doesn't feel real. I think I could adjust to that, though. - CMc
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