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The 1,200 Mile Radius...

...Sort of.
Sure is good to be home but Christmas vacation '09 was a hell of a trip.
Starting with the Christmas Eve snowstorm to the sub-zero temps of '10.
Here are a few pictures from my "South Texas Death Trip" as I like to call it.
Took off Sunday after Christmas and made it down to Laredo Texas.
Why you ask...Beats me just wanted to make a run for the border.
Even though a week before I got there it was in the 80's down there it was still nice to see some sixties.
Crossed the border in to Mexico and bought more than my fair share of junk.
I did find a almond flavored tequila that will really creep up on you if you don't watch yourself with it.
Mexico was awesome but you forget that just about a mile South of Texas you can see the police cruising through the streets with fully automatic weapons and APC's.
Makes me feel good to be and American.
That was part one of the "South Texas Death Trip" now for part two....SNOW...In Texas...Yeah!
South of Dallas I ran into a hell of a snow storm!
Other than that it was a great trip.
Did a quick shot up for New Years to see the family in Iowa and got caught in the -20 weather (you know it is cold when your beard freezes just walking thru the parking lot).
Although I did see some great sights, ate some great food, and had allot of fun like they say there is no place like home.
Here is to a new year KC!
I cant wait!

01/04/2010 10:55AM
The 1,200 Mile Radius...
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