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So I am not a huge ICP fan (Cotton Candy was the best stripper song ever) but I saw this on TMZ and could not help but share.
I have to side with ICP on this one.
Check it out!


The Insane Clown Posse is OUTRAGED the Federal Government has labeled their followers as a dangerous gang ... so now they've filed a lawsuit, demanding the Feds take back what they said.

ICP claims a 2011 FBI report -- which referred to Juggalos as a "loosely organized hybrid gang" -- wrongly characterizes their fans as violent lawbreakers ... and has led to unwarranted harassment of their fans by law enforcement.

In addition to ICP members Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope, several fans are also party to the suit, and they cite several examples during which they were allegedly subjected to such harassment.

One fan says he's been stopped multiple times by cops because of his ICP clothing. Another says he was forced to remove his Juggalo tattoos in order to enlist in the military.

ICP admits some of their fans have broken the law in the past, but they insist "it is wrong to designate the entire group of supporters as a criminal gang based on the acts of a few." During a news conference, Shaggy 2 Dope said, "We're not a gang. We're a family."

ICP says the FBI report violates their constitutional right to free speech as well as their right to associate with whoever they want. They want the Feds to stop with the gang talk once and for all.



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01/09/2014 12:32PM
What's Next?
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01/14/2014 11:37AM
ICP vs Pantera
Moose many years ago my son was in to ICP. I never listened to them but I would tell him that Pantera would KICK THERE ASS. So I took him to his first Metal Show. And yes it was Pantera. After that I never heard him say anything about ICP. Dave the one you call Lil Big Bro PS........Rockfest is coming and so is Five Finger
04/09/2014 11:45AM
They tried to make me cover my hatchet man for th us army I told em go fuck there selvs if they want me to join then they can forget about the tattoo
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