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Tales From The Pit

Posts from August 2013

DEVILDRIVER covers who.....
AWOLNATION with "Sail" 

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A couple of stories coming out of the camp of Swedish metallers SOILWORK! Seems they're to release a deluxe version of their 2001 breakthrough album "A Predator's Portrait" on October 15th! It'll be reissued as a digipack with all new artwork & will have two unreleased live bonus tracks! 

Also, vocalist, Bjorn "Speed" Strid has teamed up with Frederic Riverin, guitarist, from I, LEGION for a new project called BEAR RIVER. 
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Doing the same thing on this blog, like I do on my personal blog, bug cutting out all the cute & cuddly rock and just giving you a list of all things Metal that are out today and coming out! 

** ASKING ALEXANDRIA are back with "From Death to Destiny"!

** NEWSTED puts out their long awaited album "Heavy Metal Music" today! Very MOTORHEAD! 
What am I missing??? 

AVENGED SEVENFOLD “Hail to the King” August 27th
DEVIL DRIVER “Winter Kills” August 27th
NINE INCH NAILS “Hesitation Marks” Sept 3rd
MINISTRY “From Beer to Eternity” Sept 6th
METALLICA 3D Movie “Through the Never” IMAX Exclusive Sept 27th/ Out Oct 4th
GWAR “Battle Maximus” September 17th
TESTAMENT “First Strike Still Deadly” & “Live @ Eindhoven ‘87” vinyl September 24th
KORN “The Paradigm Shift” October 1st
SCAR THE MARTYR Self-Titled Debut (Joey Jordinson of Slipknot) October 1st
WARBRINGER “IV: Empire’s Collapse” October 15th
BODYCOUNT “Rise” or “Manslaughter” 2013
MOTORHEAD “Aftershock” 2013
JUDAS PRIEST End of 2013
TRIVIUM “Vengeance Falls” (Dave Draiman produced) Fall 2013
HELLYEAH Early 2014
RANDY BLYTHE Memoir Spring 2014
TOOL “TBA” 2014
OVERKILL “TBA” March 2014
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