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Tales From The Pit

Posts from June 2013

Corey Taylor's "Beacon Moment".

We all put our faith in something. Be it a higher power, humanity, government, or family, we tether ourselves to a source of security to help keep our head above water when we pass through the storms of life. But when the waters rage and the vessel you've put your faith in is broken against the rocks you're left at a crossroads: go down with the ship, or take hold of a new hope. Ironically, it was the band Faith No More that restored Corey Taylor's faith in himself and gave him hope for his future. 

In his incredibly sobering Beacon Moment Corey gives a rare glimpse into his past. He shares the story of his darkest hour and how that darkness was overcome by the power of music.

The Beacon Moment is an experience or series of events that changes the course of a person's life - toward a life devoted to music. Each week a different artist tells the story of their Beacon Moment, allowing them to connect with their fans by opening up and sharing one of the most important moments in their life.

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New A7X Coming!
This Summer! Here's A Teaser Video!

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