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Ryan Westward
Ryan Westward

Tales From The Pit

Posts from August 2012

Randy Blythe performs with Prong
At Knotfest over the weekend and they do a Misfits cover! 
Boo ya!!

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Daily Digest of Rock News
A couple of lawsuits today in the world of Rock news and one of them involves vomit!

*First though, Soundgarden stating today that their as-yet-to-be-named album will drop on November 13th! 

*Motley Crue drummer, Tommy Lee, has been threatened with a lawsuit by a LA engineer who claims Lee stoll his idea for a drum kit roller coaster. Scott King sent Motley's lawyers a letter claiming that he approaced Lee in 1991 to pitch him the idea for a roller coaster setup that Lee has been using during their shows. Lee says they never talked about it and the idea was born in Tommy's childhood when he'd go to shows. More details as this unfolds. 

*And the best story I've heard thus far: Lindy Butcher is suing the Newport, Wales, United Kingdom council because she was injured after slipping and falling in a puddle of vomit while attending a Whitesnake show in December of 2011. She claims she suffered bruising and soreness to both her knees as well as muscle spasm between her ribs!
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