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Summer Vacation 2010


Been back for a few days now after a epic ride through this beautiful country of ours and all I can say is damn what a ride.

I had a huge story all planned out in my head to tell you about the trip but I think pictures say so much more!

So here is the brief run down....

Took a nice big loop up through Nebraska into Wyoming where we made a stop in Yellowstone for Old Faithful.

Shot up into Montana to check out Glacier National Park.

Then rode down to South Dakota through Sturgis.

We saw snow, bald eagles in flight, moose, elk, buffalo, (had a buffalo rib-eye in Cody Wy. that would melt in your mouth) had a  random goat walk up to us in Glacier, got in on a cattle drive on the highway in Montana, (yeah, running down a two lane and all of a sudden there was a her of cattle on the road) and so much more.

Had a few morning where the temps were in the 30's and only got into the 60's also had a few days near 100.

I am not saying that traveling by motorcycle is the only way to travel but if you want to get the sights, sounds, the smells (some not so good) and all of the views I don't think you can top it.

At some point in your life  you need to get out there and find a nice little two lane that you can have some fun with, eat some truck stop food, drink the local beer get a speeding ticket in Montana doing 86 (pay your ticket on sight...$20...yup thats it) and see the sights.

Dont be afraid of getting a little dirty and tired.

See you out there on the road!


Ps. Got some great video on this trip.

Check back soon for it!


07/20/2010 11:42AM
Summer Vacation 2010
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07/26/2010 11:20AM
Looks like such a BEAUTIFUL vacation!
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