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Summer Time Shows!

Sorry I have slacked off this for a while.
No excuses just been lazy?
So over the 4th after more than my fair share of blowing stuff up made it out to Sandstone for the Kid Rock Skynyrd show.
All I can say to that show is wow!
I was really on the fence as far as going, but I can say now that I made the right choice.
I have seen Kid many times but this was by far the best show I have seen yet from him and to see Free Bird live on the 4th of July.
Cant put it into words.
Here is to a summer of many great shows!
See you out there!

07/15/2009 10:11AM
Summer Time Shows!
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07/17/2009 7:03PM
YO moose, i just moved to KC from NYC and i cant get enough of 98.9, the only rock station in the NYC area was turned into a top 10 station and i was pissed! I dont want to listen to Kanye west, give me some AC/DC or metallica!!!! Say, I wonder if you ever heard a song on the soundtrack of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Its called "One winged angel" and it's metal version is one of the heavist metal songs i have ever heard! Its just Epic, do me a favor and tune into that!
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