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Statement from Mayor Funkhouser in regards to Rockfest

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Statement from Mayor Funkhouser: Rockfest Should Rock On

Parks are for people, and on a rainy Saturday, Penn Valley Park was used by 55,000 Kansas City area residents and out-of-town visitors.

I think we should celebrate that kind of success, not condemn it. Keeping people out of our parks makes no sense to me.

My office has received a substantial number of calls and emails regarding Parks and Recreation Commissioner Aggie Stackhaus’ comments about last weekend’s Rockfest event. Most of the residents who have contacted us are disappointed in Commissioner Stackhaus’ comments about the participant’s manners, and her statement that the event should not return to Penn Valley Park.

Rockfest is a Kansas City spring institution. Like The Brookside Art Fair and the Zona Rosa Easter Parade, it is something that a significant segment of our residents look forward to every year. Community events give us a sense of place. They give us a reason to call Kansas City home.

I fully support Rockfest as one of those events. I support the young men and women who see Rockfest as an anchor for their community. Kansas City needs more fun and entertaining events.

Crowded parks, mixed with an all-day rain, are bound to cause serious landscaping issues no matter what the event. Those issues went even further due to the exuberance of the crowd. But outside of having some fun in the mud, the crowd is reported to have been very peaceful.

The bottom line is that grass will grow again. But residents driven away by overzealous comments may not return.

It is my understanding that AEG-Live has the responsibility to fix the issues caused last weekend, and that they already are moving in that direction and plan to have new seed or sod down soon. I will make sure that the city holds them to that commitment.

I, for one, hope that Rockfest continues to grace the Liberty Memorial and Penn Valley Park for years to come. And to show my support, I have joined the Facebook Petition to Keep Rockfest at Liberty Memorial. http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=122660207754171&ref=mf

For more information contact Kendrick Blackwood in Mayor Funkhouser’s office: 816-513-3513, kendrick_blackwood@kcmo.org.

05/18/2010 1:11PM
Statement from Mayor Funkhouser in regards to Rockfest
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05/20/2010 12:45AM
Nic J
Hell Yeah!!!!, Stackhaus wanted to throw a fit about something she had no clue would come back and bite her in the ass so quickly and so hard. What got me about her crap rant was the fact she wanted to make it out to be people she deemed unworthy to celebrate ANYTHING on or near a War Memorial... Well Stackhaus, I am a Veteran of OIF, and while I was there I saw many of my brothers and sisters who shared in the battle of the same conflict. I also saw several Vietnam vets out there as well. If they had Rockfest in the years of WWI and WWII I would be willing to bet you would see vets of both conflicts there. As I walked into Rockfest and related the fact that I was near a War Memorial and there were 55,000 people there that I fought and was injured for their freedom, I welled up with a sense of pride. In some way or another I bet there were several other veterans who made the same connection. My point is, Stackhaus, before you throw out words insulting people, you should realize you're not just insulting a bunch of punk kids filled with sensless aggression. You are talking about 55,000 people from several different paths of life, some of which have fought for your very right to bitch and moan about things that you don't understand.
05/20/2010 11:16AM
Nathan Frazee
Thanks for puttin the facebook page up on your blog nivens. I really appreciate it.
09/14/2010 7:59AM
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