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Spring has Sprung...

Loving this weather, aren't you?
And with the spring comes plans for the summer and the travels we'll all be partaking... if you're partaking to travel.

Here's what I know I've got lined up, thus far:
End of April to Atlanta. This will be a quick in and out deal from Saturday AM to Sunday PM for a birthday party.
May 14th... I think I'll be at Rockfest ;)
Second weekend in June will put me in NYC, again. Trying to catch a ballgame and doing a bit of goofing off.
Vacay in July, the last week, will see me and my girl head northwest to Portland and then down to LA. I've never been to the Northwest and am stoked about this run. Alli, my girl, has family there so we'll see them for a minute and then when we get down to LA we'll hang with her grandma and friends I've got out there.
The end of August sees me out West, again. This time in SanFran for a friends wedding and another wedding over Labor Day in Arizona.
Whew... gonna be a busy summer. Oh, did I mention my birthday is July 18th. Just putting that out there.
What about you?
Where you heading this summer/what are you looking forward to?

04/12/2011 3:03PM
Spring has Sprung...
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04/22/2011 11:30PM
Derek Seigler
Nice! I Have # Vacations Planned For The Summer. May - Oklahoma, June - Tennesse, And July - Texas. Its Gonna Be Busy But Fun As Hell. O And I Figure I'll Go ahead And Mention My Birthday Is July 20th! Its My 21st And Im Gonna Be Drunk As Hell Down At Power And Light! Angels Rock Bar Will Definantly Be One Place I Stop By.
04/22/2011 11:31PM
Derek Seigler
3 not # Haha
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