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So how many times...

Have you been on your bike and watched as every light on a corner change but you are still stuck there with you thumb up your...
You keep your eye in the rear view in hopes that someone will pull up to you to trigger the light but it never happens.
I will be the first to admit that in those situations I will wait more than a fair enough time for the light to change but finally get so frustrated that I cant do it anymore.
I make sure I am clear all around and run the light.
Along with that I also run the risk of a ticket.
Checking around the web today though I found something on the FOX 4 web site that I am not going to put 100% trust in until I see it actually happen but it might make me feel a little better about the intersection slip.

Bikes, Motorcycles Get Go Ahead To Run Red Lights
Sharita Hutton Meagan Kelleher, FOX 4 Web Producer
August 13, 2009
A new law in Missouri will allow cyclists and motorcyclists to run red lights, under certain conditions. But, they do have to stop at the light first.
Missouri will soon be the eighth state to allow the red light runners. According to the Kansas City Star, riders can run the light if they completely stop first, the signal stays red for an "unreasonable time," the light is malfunctioning or traffic at the cross street does not pose a hazard.
The reason for the law is because a lot of times bicycle riders and motorcycle riders are left in the red for a longer period of time because the weight of their vehicles don't notify sensors to change the light.
The law goes into effect on August 28.

Now I am not at all telling you to just go out and run a light.
You still have to use your head and make sure that you are 100% clear and safe but I did want to pass this along to you.

Thanks to FOX 4 for getting this out there for us!

Ride Safe.

08/19/2009 8:44AM
So how many times...
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08/19/2009 1:23PM
F 'Em Up Chuck
Kick ass! This rocks...I've been there before, Moose, and you really have no choice but to run the light!
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