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So Much Rock News This Week.

Here's what didn't make my "Weekly Rock Wind Up" vlog above.

*Slash was in the news this week confirming reports that Velvet Revolver will be back. However, like many of us had hoped, it will not be with Myles Kennedy who's been out on the road with the legendary shredder. In fact, VR's drummer, Matt Sorum, had initially approached Slash about Myles before Scott Weilend came along and the band had hoped they could score him when Scott departed, unfortunately for them Kennedy stayed with Alter Bridge. Keep an eye out for AB's latest album to drop next month, ABIII.

*Nikki Sixx chatted it up this week about his upcoming book "This Is Gonna Hurt". His newest memoir will chronicles Sixx's experience from his early years, to his success with Motley Crue, his death from overdose and his getting clean and into his addictions with music, photography, and love.  Nikki fans mark March 22 of next year on your calendar, as that's the expected date of release. And in related Nikki Sixx news, Hernando High School teacher Jason Galitsky in Florida was reprimanded for including Nikki's first memoir "The Heroin Diaries" to his students. Seems superintendent Bryan Blavatt felt it's not a book high school students should be introduced to. Never mind there's other books that have dealt with incest, murder, and rapes... like the Bible... but, sometimes adults know best.

*Quiet Riot is back in business! When frontman Kevin DuBrow OD'ed in 2007 many, myself included, figured that was it for QR. Not the case as drummer Frankie Banali found a replacement in California-based Van Halen tribute band (the Hagar-era) frontman Mark Huff. A true Cinderella story, once DuBrow's mom gave them the green light, the band is back in business.

*On the 22nd of this month select theaters will be showing Slipknot's "(sic)nesses: Live at Download". And in a real sense of "Ain't that a bitch" not one theater in Kansas or Missouri is showing it. WTF?!?

*Rob Zombie is having the time of his life being out on tour right now with Alice Cooper. And he's involved with the Halloween Edition of ABC's "Extreme Makeover" where he has been working on the newly renovated haunted house at Salem, Oregon's Oregon School for the Deaf, which is used as the school's primary fundraiser.

*Ozzy, again, in the news this week having to cancel a concert this week in Oberhausen, Germany with a serious pulled muscle in his back. Doc's are ordering the Prince of Darkness to rest for 3 to 4 days in order for him to undergo ultrasound treatment. And Ozzy's wife, Sharon, spoke out this week about an excerpt from the forthcoming Vince Neil memoir, "Tattoo's & Tequila" in which Neil states Sharon is the "most evil, shittiest, woman I've ever met in my life" and that she "would fucking have you killed if it was to her advantage." The Princess of Darkness stated she was "absolutely heartbroken" and that Neil was "the murderer, not me. He has murdered somebody in a car. He crippled two other people and he is still driving drunk. And that is why I used to keep my husband away from him. And if that makes me a bad person, then I am a bad person."

*Congrats to The Black Crowes who were inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. It's been 20 years since their debut album "Shake Your Moneymaker" and the lads will be doing so on their current tour which commences with a six night run in San Francisco at The Fillmore, December 12-19. Road trip?

*And finally, Marilyn Manson's "Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll" was shut down by the studio behind the project after a negative reaction to the movie's intensely violent and very Mansonesque trailer. I've attached it below, but be warned NSFW and scoot the kiddies out of the room.

09/17/2010 3:22PM
So Much Rock News This Week.
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