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So I was thinking...

...About Rockfest this morning and all of the fun stuff that I have seen or done over the past years and was trying to figure out what my best Rockfest memory was.

There have been many but I think last year has to be the winner.

As I was doing my broadcast looking over the crowd.  Everyone was caked in mud and soaking wet (big shock)

A mosh pit fired up right in front of me and  everyone was having a blast knocking each other around.

Well, as it progressed I noticed one guy (who was fully caked in mud) all of a sudden loose his jeans.

Nothing but a white ass hanging out!
I started to laugh but with the speed of a Ninja the guy hit the ground (I'm guessing a bit embare-assed that his jeans were down around his ankles) and the entire group that he was moshing with closed in around him.

In less than a second I see Mr. Bare Ass being hoisted back up by the belt loops.

Yes, his fellow moshers had come to his rescue!
There was a brief "you ok man" look among the group and the mosh was back on!

That right there is what I feel Rockfest is!
You may not know the guy or girl that you are next to but if your ass his hanging out they will help you get your jeans back on!

Can ya top that?

04/12/2011 9:46AM
So I was thinking...
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04/12/2011 2:37PM
eric wolfe
MAY 14 is my b day how do i win tickets
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