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I am not really sure if I have ever watched a movie and put up a review here but I really felt the need to share my thoughts on this one.

I will be the first to admit I thought this movie looked really good and had planned to make it out and see it in the theatre.

There was a TON of hype on it and I bought into it!
But last night I sat down to watch all 300 hours of it.

After what seemed like a million years of watching I had to turn it off.

I am sure there are many of you who will be screaming for my head on this but I just did not get it?
Yeah there was a kind of hot blue girl but other than that it could not follow what was going on...

It sucked!

Save your money and DVR space.

Till next time!


Ps. No offence if you liked it...but this was a stinky movie!

11/15/2010 11:55AM
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