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Lets see....Its Monday the 15th.  What was going to happen this morning?
Ummmm....Oah yeah!
ROCKFEST 2010 info!
Did you hear it?
May 15th Liberty Memorial.

Main Stage



Three Days Grace


Papa Roach

Drowning Pool

Rev Theory



Second Stage


Five Finger Death Punch



The Veer Union

Burn Halo

Adelita’s Way

Shaman’s Harvest

Taddy Porter


Now I am sure you have already see this on the main page and I am sure that you know that Rockaholic tickets go on sale for $25 on Wednesday but I just wanted to shoot you a reminder that last years show sold out in about a week.

Do whatever you need to do to get your ticket before they are gone this year.

Borrow some cash, sell some cans, get a part time job!

I can say with all honesty that Rockfest is the most fun I have all year. Its is kind of like Christmas for me.

If you have a kick ass story about Rockfest I want to hear it!

Just post below.

See you at the show!


03/15/2010 11:23AM
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03/16/2010 6:50AM
Samantha Housewirth
Rockfest WOW what can i say but each year gets better for me my first experience not so great.. for reasons that shall stay untold something made me want to go back again and again i just cant get enough lol but now i realize the heat from the sun and the endless sea of some of the badest motherfuckers coming together for some awesome music just does something to me :D so i am so looking forward to buying my tickets first thing tomorrow morning this will be my last rockfest probably for the next four years i leave in september for the navy.! you guys are fucking awesome.. i got so pumped when i heard tickets go on sale tomorrow!! i know the show will go on but I have on minor concern Buckcherry?? Have i missed something on why they cant perform... this crazy bitch is looking to get lit up and ready to have a good time :D and was hoping i would get to see them!! just curious if you knew why.. if you'd like look me up on facebook <3 Thanks!
03/16/2010 10:08AM
Samuel Ledesma
So I went to Texas to visit my family since they all moved there. On the way down I had to plug in my laptop for my truck so I could listen the you guys. I heard about rockfest on the way down and man being a college student money is hard to come by but you can bet i'll be getting a ticket this year. I have been every year since my freshman year in highschool. Its always a great thing to go to and I am sure ill be going there till the day i die. Sweet work you guys do take it easy.
03/16/2010 10:52AM
How do i get vip tickets to rockfest
03/17/2010 10:53AM
Hey all....i have been going to rockfest for the past four years and I booked a hotel package this time for the first time....but i don' know s**t about how to go about it....is it all booked already or do u have to call and book the room or what!!! HELP!!!! Oh ya...and 98.9 rocks!!!!
03/17/2010 2:00PM
how do u get tickets if u are a registerd rockaholic like wat password do we type in
03/17/2010 6:57PM
Man last year was my first year me and my buddys in 7th grade went up there and it was the best thing ive done yet. The whole experence was awesome. The mosh pits to crowd surfing it was crazy. Especally when we lost my friend zak who lost his phone crowd surfing but that mad it that much better. Already got my tickets this year hopefully see you up there
03/17/2010 7:02PM
Had a great time last year and that was 7th grade the whole experence was awesome. We lost my friend crowd surfing who lost his phone crowd surfing haha good times. cant wait for more already got my ticket this year hopefully see you guys up there!!
03/23/2010 4:41PM
Well... this is my thrid ROCKFEST and third concert, I've been to Rockfest 2008, 2009, and May 15th!! will be my third... At Rockfest 2008, A kid standing next to me and my dad, had this hat, and some drunk d-bag had the nerve to mess w/ his hat. The kid quit, the guy wouldnt quit. So the kid (around 15 years old) called his dad, Who was also drunk to "talk to" the guy. But being intoxicated and not entirely knowing what he was doing the kid's dad beat up the guy who was messing with the hat, and sooner or later the guy was running his ass off towards second stage. And that was one of my rockfest stories lol
04/09/2010 12:15PM
Last year was my first year to go to rockfest and let me tell you that was one of the best concerts i've ever been to; however, I did leave with a broken ankle :(.. Keep in mind I have never seen or heard of a mosh pit, at the time did not know what crowd surfing was, and how fucking loud the awesome music got!! so my friends and I tried to make our way to the front of the stage, being that im 5' and 110 pounds, i get picked up thrown into a million peoples hands and am crowd surfing within a blink of an eye!!!!!!! wow.. was having the time of my life...didnt know what was going on until i got thrown over the railing and looked down at my ankle and there was a bone sticking out. sadly, my friends and i had to leave and go to the hospital... not the best experience... but i will be there may 15th bitches to do it all over again :)
04/29/2010 12:49PM
Nicole Allen
Moose, I have senton otherblog to one of your co workers I was wondering if you guys could mbey help me withsome Rock Fest tickets I am 24 And i have never been I am A stay at home mom I have never been to a concert period thanks cn you emal me at tinkerbell1_185@live.com and letme know please Nicole
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