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Slash's New Video... Too Steamy?

There's a new video out for Slash with Fergie for the song "Beautiful Dangerous" and it seems there are those that feel that it's "Too Steamy for for wide public release and will have to be edited."

What do you think? I, personally, enjoy it! And will probably watch it again and again.... and again... and...

11/10/2010 4:21PM
Slash's New Video... Too Steamy?
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11/10/2010 6:26PM
This video is one of the best music video's i've seen. Totally awesome concept and killer styling. Love both Slash and Fergie. Great song and combo of great talent. A++++ in my book!
11/12/2010 7:28PM
Well I don't think it was anywhere close to being too steamy. It was just right where it needed to be I think. She stabs him at the end? I wouldn't mind fergie stalking me like that. Damn good video!
11/12/2010 8:09PM
Holy Fire Trucks!!!!! That WAS one of the best videos I have seen in a very long time!!! I love both of them and that was HOT HOT HOT!!! :) M.
11/22/2010 8:48PM
An actually awesome video. Somebody needs to convince her to do a rock album instead of that pop crap.
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