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Say what ya want about GnR

With Axl Rose being the only original band member, to DJ Ashba, Bumblefoot & Richard Fortus not being Slash, to it being the best cover band on the planet but pound-for-pound Axl and company f*cking brought it last night at The Midland. While I may still be on a show high I'm gonna say at this moment Guns N' Roses is the best show I've seen at said venue, yet. That's saying quite a bit since I've seen a sh!t-ton of shows there. 

I feel like Ashba (lead guitarist, till Richard or Bumblefoot took over for a solo) tells people, "Yeah, I see those shoes over there and they're great and all but have you seen these? Mine are pretty amazing as well. Good luck filling them!" 

The show started around 10:40 and went till damn near 1:30! Three hours, 30 songs and 46 wardrobe changes by Axl later and I'm giving the point to him and his merry band of pranksters over Slash & Myles' performance at the same venue a while back. Absolutely a bad ass, mother f*cking, rock show! Only negatives, I'll give, are with Tommy Stinson's performance on bass. Just kinda meh, for me. And I suppose for some people, how late it all went, I liked it though. Made me chuckle a bit when Larry who runs the Midland said, around 12:30, that "It's just so late. We find the 40 year olds can't hold their liquor when it runs so late". That sh!t made me laugh pretty good. 

Had a blast, glad we went, and irony wasn't lost on one of the people at the Midland (whom my girl and I ran into as we were heading into the venue) swinging down into the P&L to get Axl, and I quote, "a slice of Tennessee Whiskey Cake"! 

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06/03/2013 5:27PM
Say what ya want about GnR
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06/03/2013 5:35PM
Awesome view!
Awesome view on how he rocked this show. I don't know right now if its the best show I have EVER seen....but I will say this its right there at the top with them. I have heard the same about Axl's antics and last night cleared all those from my mine. He looked happy to put on a show that was running late, and didn't come close to selling out. Great job Axl and the Midland for putting this show together.
06/05/2013 10:05PM
Take notice--this band is the real deal live (maybe the best live hard rock band on the planet)!
It's tough to believe, until you see them with your own eyes, and hear that banshee wail with your own ears--this band is as good as any currently circling the world on tour. I can't wait for the new album, scheduled to drop next year, and for the next tour (I think KC certainly has earned another stop---as our crowds have been great at both of their shows here in he past two years). Here is a clip of Nightrain live, for those who may have missed the show. And, btw, don't miss the chance to see them live the next time they come through KC Nightrain Live @ The Midland: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEoAy8w1WWU Peace!! P.S. Nivens, GNR's official twitter has liked and linked to your review!!
06/10/2013 8:32AM
was a good show
but wont beat three days grace.
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