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Sad Day For Riders.

So got some sad news yesterday.

Cowboy one of our friends from BACA did not make it though the weekend!

I got this email from my friend Chris over the weekend.

Tragically, on Saturday, April 25, our brother and friend Cowboy - NEKS Chapter - was taken from us suddenly. We had just completed our Annual 100 Mile Awareness Ride and were headed for shelter because it was storming furiously. There were reports of tornadoes all around us and we simply wanted to get somewhere safe. Cowboy, our Road Captain, was struck by lightning and died at the scene. Ripper, a Supporter in our chapter, was riding near Cowboy and went down on his bike trying to avoid Cowboy. Luckily, he escaped with minor injuries. Krewzer, Cowboy's fiancee, was riding beside Cowboy. She was also uninjured - at least physically. The rest of us riding behind Cowboy were able to get all of the bikes pulled safely over to the side of the road. Please keep Krewzer, Cowboy's family, and all of BACA in your thoughts and prayers. BACA has lost a true warrior in the fight against child abuse.

This is truly a sad day for all of us.

Ill try to get more info on the services.

Please kepp all of the  family and friends in your thoughts and prayers!



Got some more info on the services.

Visitation is Tuesday from 6 to 8 Tuesday at Mt Moriah terrace park. 108 and 169 hwy Kansas City MO Funeral is on Wedsday at 10 am at the same place.

Ride Safe!

04/27/2009 11:47AM
Sad Day For Riders.
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04/29/2009 8:39PM
Jeff Wilson
Sad news, It makes you wonder why someone who was envolved in such a terrific bike run had to be so unlucky? He rode for such a great cause and had tradegy strike him. I'm sorry for the loss of a kind hearted man and feel for all his loved ones. I did not know the man, so I dont have the words to extend to the people who knew him and his dedication to a great cause.
04/30/2009 3:02PM
Bruce Jarman
Sorry to hear about that... The family and everyone is in my prayers
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