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STP show in Milwaukee!

By now you've probably heard we got super lucky here in KC when STP rolled into the Midland Theater recently. Sure we had to wait over an hour from their anticipated start time, but it could have been worse. Here's just a few comments below taken from Below Empty

LoungeFly77: The other reviews are accurate regarding STP's concert at the Rave. The band came out pretty early, which is atypical. I was only a few feet from Weiland's mic for most of the show, so his slip-ups with Sex Type Thing, Dead & Bloated, and Lounge Fly were noticeable. Ironically, other than a few guilty smiles, he didn't seem to notice at all.

Spoonman67: Scott was wasted. The show started off OK and steadily declined as it went on. This had everything to do with Scott (not the band). It was quit pathetic and me and my friends left completely discusted. It was evident the band was upset with Scott's behavior. I will never pay my hard earned cash to see them again. Scott will wind up another dead rock star who couldn't get his act together. Pretty sad for such a great talent.

ejsme: To me, Scott seemed intoxicated throughout the show. Seemed drunk or I thought maybe the pain pills because of the heel. He did keep sipping on some beverage throughout the show, but I don't know what it was. Although he sounded really slurry and rambling when talking between songs, he actually did a great job for most of the show. It was excellent and thoroughly enjoyable. And the DeLeos didn't seem mad at him or anything. Dean actually came up and played his guitar with the neck stuck between Weiland's legs at one point.

But... once they got to Dead & Bloated, partway in, Scott got completely lost and just seemed to forget the whole song, lyrics and melody. They tried to kind of go into a little jammy part to cover until they could get their bearings, but it just kind got more and more off track and Scott never seemed to be able to pick back up. So, Dean walks off to the side and switches guitars and they go into LoungeFly. Dean walked up to Scott and took out his ear monitor and said something into his ear.

03/30/2010 2:02PM
STP show in Milwaukee!
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04/02/2010 3:07PM
Thanks Man -----Rock On with your bad self...Woooooot
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