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STP at the Midland!

After waiting over an hour from their anticipated start time of 9:30PM, STP finally came out swinging at 10:30 Monday night at the Midland to a room full of applause (which was odd cause there was a bounty of BOO's prior to). None the less, Stone Temple Pilots captured the crowd almost immediately with their opener of Vaseline. A definite crowd favorite. In fact it was mostly old tunes for the first half of the show. I made this statement on air and I'll stick by it on here; not certain if Scott's sober or not as he exhibited signs he was not completely centered but he did do a stand up job for what I saw.

Mad love to F'Em Up Chuck who I prepartied with and Chuck from Atlantic Records that picked me up a couple cold ones!

03/23/2010 2:15PM
STP at the Midland!
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03/23/2010 2:39PM
Hey Nivens...won tickets from you...and bro, I was a bit worried! Scott could have mentioned that they didn't even pull up to Midland until 10ish!! Being old sucks! I'm 7 months pregnant and my husband just had back surgery 2 weeks ago...but we were there on time! Overall, another great show by STP second to Rockfest 08. Thanks for the tickets...see you at Rockfest - 9 months pregnant!!!
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