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Ok, maybe not Ferris but how about Rockfest?!?! We are asking for your help and support to keep Rockfest at Liberty Memorial. I'm sure you've heard all the "controversy" about the grass from Rockfest '10, well here's your chance to speak out and be heard! The Parks Department is asking for public input before they vote on letting us bring Rockfest back to the Memorial (where, quite frankly, it bleongs in my opinion!!). Tomorrow (July 8th) from 5:30p-7p they will be holding a town hall meeting in the World War I Museum at the base of Liberty Memorial. Please show your support by attending this meeting (and afterwards check out the museum itself if you haven't already...it is bad ass!!!!)

If you can't make the meeting for whatever reason, the Parks Department will accept your comments thru e-mail which you can link to right here on the 98/9 The Rock website.

Remember, this is not a "protest" style town hall or anything. In fact, I believe the Parks Department really does want to work with us in keeping a Kansas City tradition going but they're looking to see what public opinion is. So, be respectful but make your voice heard!! It only takes a couple of minutes to save a tradition!!!

See you at Rockfest '11!

07/07/2010 5:16PM
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07/08/2010 12:08PM
please keep rockfest in kc, we werent being dissrespectful thats what happens when 50000 pairs of feet walk through the grass, as long as we repair it i see no trouble, its a place alot of us with fucked up lives look forward to once a year, its like a holiday to me now, its a place to meet new people have a few beers and just kick back and listen to rock n roll. just let us have our fun, thank you
07/08/2010 6:08PM
I look forward to Rockfest every year it’s in a central location people travel from miles to attend the concert, and it makes Kansas City, Missouri unique! The people are not disrespectful most of us are hardworking adults that just want a chance to gather and listen to great music. This concert gives back money to a City that has been dying and really needs the support. If you force Rockfest to move it will most likely go to the Kansas speedway, where it will generate money for Kansas instead of Missouri just keep letting the money slip away and eventually everyone will move. Kansas City really needs the revenue for schools and roads and I don't want to travel to the speedway for a concert!
07/09/2010 4:40PM
Darcey Vance
Yes I think Rockfest should continue to be at Liberty memorial again next year. This was my first year and I had a blast! Yes the mud was a slight complication, but what do you expect with all the people and the rain was non-stop all day. You can not control the weather and the tickets say Rain or Shine!!!
07/09/2010 10:54PM
Please Keep Rock Fest at Liberty Memorial. It is a tradition and a lot of fun! 50K or more people show up every year to enjoy it. I'm aware that the rain combined with all the people, kind of made a mess of things but, it wasn't intentional damage. And they are planing to repair it. Please just consider all the people that are involved with it, from the bands right down to the fans. And realize it is an honor to have that many show up at Liberty Memorial to experience one of KC's largest annual events. Thanks Valerie
08/20/2010 1:44PM
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