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Hey guys,

Just a quick word about the actual grounds for Rockfest.....I was out setting some things up today and I can tell you right now that it is going to be AWESOME!!  One thing I'll say about Bob is that he takes notes every year about what can be improved upon and the event just keeps getting better and better.  You guys are going to have an amazing day AND the weather is going to be perfect!!  Thanks again to all of you for helping make Rockfest what it is.  We'll see you out there!!  Cheers!

05/28/2009 7:25PM
Rockfest site
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05/31/2009 6:28PM
hey I was at rockfest and it was AWESOME!!! Drowning Pool was the best of course. If you want suggestions on a way to make it better I got two more free water and more trashcans that place was a mess I feel bad for whoever was the clean up crew. Other than that it was AWESOME!!!
06/02/2009 3:06PM
rock fest was Bad Azz Suggestion" dont put fincing around the frunt of the stage! WoW but other than that Bad Azz
06/08/2009 3:20PM
Rockfest was awesome this year cant wait til next year. And I hope someone reads this and can help me. I am trying to find some people I met this year at Rockfest, they sat with me on my tarp, their names are DAVID, JOHN AND PATRICK, and either GINA or GINGER(I was told). They live in KANSAS and wanted to get ahold of them so if anyone knows them have them go to my facebook, (zabrina brannan). Thanks alot
05/19/2010 11:00AM
Hey Rockfest was totally awesome this year. I just wish people would leave their babies at home. If they are in strollers they don't need to be at the biggest party of the year!!!
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