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Rockfest FAQ

4 days away baby!! The biggest, most bad-ass one day music festival in the country is practiaclly right on top of us. I thought I'd help you out a little and repost the FAQ section of kcrockfest.com so you know what you can/can't bring etc. For full details visit that website and we'll see you all at Rockfest!!!!

What should I bring to Rockfest?
■One sealed bottle of water, 24 ounce maximum. Free refills will be available through out the show.
■Small digital cameras. Nothing with a removable lens
■Cell phones
■Sunscreen in plastic container
■Plastic Bags – The kind you’d get at the grocery store
■Draw String Book Bags – No pockets. No zippers.

What should I leave at home?
■Glass containers
■Weapons of any sort, including pocket knives
■Wallet chains
■Recording devices
■No pets except service animals
■Backpacks – not even as purses.

What if I need to bring in medical supplies?If you have a medical condition that requires you to bring medical supplies, explain what you have at the main entrance. You will be directed to the medical trailer next to the main entrance where your supplies can be kept or administered.

Is Rockfest an all-ages show? Yes, Rockfest is an all ages show. In no way is Rockfest child friendly and we encourage you to leave the kids at home. Should you decide to bring a child, the child will need a ticket.

Can you leave the show then come back later?Only with a new ticket. No re-entry.

Warning: Every year hundreds of people come to Rockfest with fake VIP passes or fake Backstage passes. Most are purchased on-line. There are NO VIP passes. There are NO backstage passes. They do not exist in any form, so if you buy one, it’s guaranteed the pass is fake. What happens when people show up with a fake pass? Security tells them your pass is fake, you were ripped off, and the show is sold-out so you can’t come in. How much would that suck? Don’t let it happen to you. The only entry into Rockfest is a Ticketmaster ticket. Anything else is just a scam.

05/10/2011 5:51PM
Rockfest FAQ
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05/11/2011 2:41PM
Thanks Ryan, its going to be awesome!!
05/15/2011 3:57PM
was there a miller light tent like previous years?
05/15/2011 8:18PM
Sherene Durham
Iwas there at RockFest from beginning to the end . The Bands were Great!!!!! However being one of the older Generation I just wanted to say it was shure hard on my legs & back doing all that standing,What ever happened to bringing your own chairs ? Also I seen police pushing & hitting on a drunk kid in handcuffs,he hurlded all over himself in his growing & then the police Dragged him off. I felt so sorry for that poor kid that won't even remember what happened to him except he's got bruises & bumps all over & don't even know where they came from but I do.I think police shouldn't even be in there harrassing people just on the outside dirrecting traffic.And Venders were taking advantage of people,I didn't drink any liquer & Im glad I didn't cuz. they tryed to short me $10.00.Wonder how many people they did short. It was so cold !!! Couldn't they have scheduled it a little later in the season when the weather is nicer ?Don't think I will go next year.
05/29/2015 4:18PM
Can I bring my purse or only draw string book bag?
05/29/2015 6:14PM
So it's gonna be cooler by end of night r they gonna freak out if you brig an extra shirt that's long sleeves
05/30/2015 9:13AM
Can you still buy tickets at the gate, if they've sold out online
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