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Rockfest 2014!

Here is your Rockfest 2014 lineup!

Rember the Rockaholic presale starts Wednesday.
There will be a fee but the tickets are 25. When the Rockaholic presale is over the price goes to 45.
This is a perk for you! Save the cash and get them then! 

See ya there!



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03/03/2014 11:18AM
Rockfest 2014!
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03/03/2014 10:47PM
rockfest 2014
where do i go to get the presale tickets?
03/04/2014 10:15AM
Im there no qustions happy as hell korns back
03/04/2014 12:59PM
Rockfest 2014
See you in the pits
03/04/2014 1:49PM
rockfest 2014
One for the history books!! BLS tearin it up on the main stage...been waitin for this!!
03/04/2014 4:49PM
rockfest tickets
where do i buy rockfest tickets?
03/04/2014 8:02PM
rockfest 2014
It doesnt get any better! U gotta love ROCKFEST!!!
03/06/2014 2:16PM
Great line up! Counting down the days hell ya ready to rock!!!!
03/06/2014 5:28PM
Your line up sucks seen most of these bands at past rock fest get someone you suck ass
03/14/2014 8:35PM
rockfest 2014
I think 5fdp should headline... but overall GREAT lineup besides steel panther shouldn't be on the main stage though!
05/14/2014 9:54PM
rockfest tickets
Where do i go to get tickets without paying a service fee and other fees
05/15/2014 4:52AM
Rockfest 2014
I have been to Rockfest the last 7 or 8 years in a row and I simply will not be going to this one. Yes it's true I love to party and literally walk my ass off, but the bands representing this years Rockfest do not spark my interest. The only band that I would even care to get stoned to would be Staind. However this will not be enough to get my ass outta bed this year. SO please contact me first before you announce next years line up. A truly musically concerned listener- Stephen Seymour
05/28/2014 12:11PM
rockfest 2014
man its rockfest who is above me needs to go and rock and qiut being lazy man see you in the pits
05/31/2014 10:19AM
what can we bring in.
Can we bring bags in
05/31/2014 10:17PM
most Rock fests suck
Besides 5fdp korn bls and killswitch need to get rid of all these panzy ass rock bands like adelitas way and heavens basement cause they suck bring some more real metal
06/01/2014 7:58AM
Glad I didn't go.... Why don't you all push to get some bands that aren't the same regergetated garbage we've heard for the last 5 years. Get fuckin sevenfold here....Jesus these bands are horrible...... Maybe you jack wagons should get godsmavk to headline next year for the 4 th time.... So do e with 989 and the crap music made for pussies
06/01/2014 8:25AM
needs to be the pitfest
Rockfest ought to be all bands from the pit period! And that's the kind of stuff u guys should play all day! Any way not all this junk that is!!! I would rather pay 500 dollars for bands like slayer and megadeath and Metallica than even 10 dollars for 15 crappy bands
06/01/2014 12:47PM
How do I get a 2014 Rockfest tshirt online
06/02/2014 4:14PM
Breastfest 2014
might not of been the best line up this year but i still had a blast and got to see steel panther!!! im ready for next year!!
08/18/2014 10:09PM
Don't go then BITCHES!!!!
Adelitas way was 1 of the reasons we went again this year...PUSSY!!!! If you can't hang..don't go!!" But if you want an awesome party then see you there unless your a Bitch & don't love a great time!!!!!
03/01/2015 11:53AM
shit was insane
Last year was my first time going to rockfest, and it was definitely the highlight of my year. 55,000 people, 3 of my favorite bands, beer, and a bunch of stoners like myself? Sounds like a good time to me. Regardless of the lineup this year, I'll be there for sure.
03/02/2015 9:58AM
Another been there done that RockFest. Not a bad lineup but looking for some new bands.
03/21/2015 4:32AM
Wat time does tech come one and wat stage
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