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Rockfest 2013!

Well it is official!
In two weeks we find out who will be at Rockfest 2013!
Been seeing and hearing a lot of guessing going on as to who will be there this year.
And I can tell you one thing for sure….Two weeks from today we will know for sure!

Can’t wait!


Ps. Heads up. There will be a Rockaholic pre-sale so save some cash between now and March 4th  (announcement day) so you will be ready to buy the cheap tickets when they go on sale!

02/18/2013 10:41AM
Rockfest 2013!
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02/20/2013 11:02AM
VIP Tickets
I was wondering how much VIP tickets are going to run this year. Im excited to go to ROCKFEST. I go every year that I can. This will be my last one for a while. I leave back to Afghanistan in June so I would like to go out with a bang. 2-4 VIP tickets for me and some friends and go CRAZY. does anybody know what that might run?
02/22/2013 1:17PM
Korn better headline! If not them Alice in Chains would be cool
02/24/2013 12:16PM
Secrets are never held long..
Well seems as though Young Guns and Alice In Chains will be at Rockfest this year as they both have leaked it way to blow it guys hats off too you for being retarded
02/28/2013 2:41AM
Is there a date yet?
04/16/2013 10:18AM
never been to Rockfest REALLY WANT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been a mom of 3 and never had the oppertunity to go to ROCKFEST!!!!!! I love Stone Temple Pilots. I never even been to a concert at all, untill Stone Sour played in KC a few months ago. Thanks to a friend of mine, he helped me experience my first rock concert ever. I would be greatfull to be able to experience ROCKFEST for the first time!!!!!!! I was wondering if you would be so kind as to send me 2 passes for my girlfriend and I since she will be my transportation.
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