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Rockfest 2011!

As of RIGHT NOW in one week we will know everything about Rockfest 2011.

So if you have some good ideas and are placing bets with your friends now would be the time to get after it!
Also every year I hear from people saying that they cant afford to get their tickets during Rockaholic pre-sale when that are cheaper.

Start scratching up the cash this week!

No sense in paying more than you need to for your tickets!
Till next time!

Ps. The Bob has authorized me to give out one hint...More than one of the bands has a "A" in their name! (thats all he gave me)

03/07/2011 10:05AM
Rockfest 2011!
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03/07/2011 5:37PM
Nick Zawodny
Is one of the bands Avenged Sevenfold
03/07/2011 6:24PM
AHHHHHHHH!!!!! That's still too far away!!! I already have my money ready, though :) Last year was my first year, but it will absolutely NOT be my last . . . . not even CLOSE!
03/08/2011 11:28AM
Brian Adkins
Give me more please!! I hope the rumors were right cause I made plans to be in town and already got a room for the 14th.
03/08/2011 6:22PM
Im gonna go with A Perfect Circle as Headliners!!! oh Yeah!!
03/09/2011 11:23AM
i know black label society has been confirmed throu various sources for "playing a KQRC radio festival in kansas city may 14th"..but as far as the "A's" Avenged Sevenfold couldn't possibly b on the bill as they are in Wichita ,KS May 14th. My prediction goes to Alter Bridge and All That Remainds....A Perfect Circle is unlikely but they are headlining Rock On The Range in Ohio so Im not totally ruling it out!
03/09/2011 4:15PM
Alter Bridge? Airbourne? Killswitch EngAge? All That RemAins? Five Finger DeAth Punch? haha so many possibilities....
03/10/2011 11:48AM
I cannot wait for rockfest this yr...We my husband and I have gine every yr for the past 4 yrs or so, it used to be a guy thing for my husband and his friends... haha that changed... ITS AWESOME!!!! WE LOVE IT!!!
03/11/2011 6:47PM
Really hoping the rumors aren't true for May 14th... Last year was horrible w/ the rain & Mud. I'd rather suffer heat stroke than a piece of metal in my leg from slipping. Also, the week of the 16th is Finals/Graduation Week. I thought with as much damage there was last year to the grounds, it'd prove a point to push Rockfest back to June!!
03/11/2011 8:17PM
The first two that came two my mind were Avenged Sevenfold and Alter Bridge. I don't really like Black Label so I hope it's not them. But I like FFDP....so that would be cool with me (:
03/12/2011 3:28PM
Moose, If people can't afford to pay $2 - $5 per band, then they can't afford buying soda, water, beer, food there. Thanks to you guys I have been able to bring my son there for the last 5 years. I have been deployed for over 1/2 of his life (since 1990), plus I am driving from Omaha, Have to spend money on the tickets, hotel and gas. I can't even believe that some one around there can't affor to come to the concert!! This is the only time I can actually spend some quality time with my son and am willing to drive there for the "ROCKFEST" You guys have always put on one AWSOME event and you can't beat the cost. dave
03/12/2011 3:47PM
Eh!! The wait, it's almost to die for ..... either way, I'm excited!! Also, those who can't come up with the money when they go on sale apparently aren't those that are really wanting to go or go every year!! How hard is it, really??!!! I've put back this money for tickets since last Rockfest!! HA
03/12/2011 5:31PM
A as in A perfect circle, system of A down, job for A cowboy, theory of A deadman, etc...
03/13/2011 9:31PM
Man I can't wait for Rockfest rockfest 2010 was the first Music fest I have ever been I haven't even been to a concert but Rockfest is the true way to just rock out and be your self thanks 98.9 your the best!!!!!
03/14/2011 8:05AM
Just a horrible linnup. Halestorm? Sevendust? StoneSour? Yeah, we haven't heard them at the last four Rockfests. Seriously. I'll be surprised if this one sells out.
03/17/2011 1:09PM
haha really1 halestorm sevendust and stonesour will be the best bands there.
04/12/2011 12:34PM
Whatever disturbed red line chemistry hello!!!!!!
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