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Rockfest 2010!!!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy it is right around the corner!!! This is going to be a party! Its a little earlier this year, so maybe it won't be as hot as it has been but its still going to br a scorcher on stage! I get a lot of questions in the studio about tickets and what not so I'll tell you now that there ARE still tickets available, but not many! Don't forget, Rockaholics bought 40,000 tickets during the pre-sale so don't miss your chance to pick some up and join us May 15th.

Another question I get is whether or not there are hotel packages available like there were in previous years. The answer to that is YES!! These are a great idea if you can do it. Think about it...12 solid hours out at Rockfest, $5 beers, what could be better than to not have to worry about driving alllll the way home. Stumble over to hotel sleep it off and go home the next day.

Either way, Rockfest is going to be off the hook!! Complete details are right here on our website so you came to the right place!

See ya out there!!!

03/29/2010 5:43PM
Rockfest 2010!!!
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04/04/2010 2:00PM
hotw many tickets for rockfest are left?
04/19/2010 9:25AM
Shamans Harvest is gonna melt some faces off. That is all.
04/29/2010 12:36PM
Nicole Allen
Hay Rayn my name is nicole i am 24 and have never been to a concert i was wondering if there was some way me and my fiance could get 2 rock fest tickets Can you email me please and thank you. Nicole
05/06/2010 6:31PM
I wish Rockfest was like 3 weeks later. I moved to PA for med school - and Rockfest is smack in the middle of our finals. If it were 3 weeks later, I'd be back in KC visiting family!! This is the first time in like 10 years I'll miss it!! Sucky....Everyone have fun and drink some for me :)
05/07/2010 11:26AM
rockfest is always pretty good, but how the hell are we letting mayhem skip Kansas City this year? Mayhem is always the sickest concert every year, and this year its zombie korn lamb of god atreyu 5 finger. WTF. Next year you boys need to fight for that shit, damn. what a dissappointing year
05/16/2010 7:00AM
Head Camera of me crowd surfing during seether...! Give me a shout out on the radio please so i can get some major views...Im putting together a longer video because i surfed a bunch of times... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxTGY5GBsQ8
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