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Rock the vote!!

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to jump up on my soapbox really quick and remind everyone to get out and VOTE TOMORROW!!!  It's crucial that everyone get out and do this and participate in the democratic process.  I'm not going to sit here and talk about the candidates or try to sway you to to vote one way or the other or go on some rant pushing my opinions on you (don't get me wrong, I'll be plenty glad when this election cycle is over...sheesh).  I don't care who you vote for as it is purely your decision but I will push on you the importance of actually going out and casting your vote.  As Americans it is not only our right to vote but I feel it is our duty and obligation to do so and make all of our voices heard so that ALL the politicians understand that they serve US...not the other way around.  So get out there and vote tomorrow and remember how the saying goes...."If you don't vote, you can't bitch"


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11/05/2012 9:11AM
Rock the vote!!
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11/05/2012 9:01PM
online radio
thats right Ryan you don't vote you can't complain computer won't let me cuss but i thought i would say something i am listenin online have been all day and i noticed i am number 9 do i get some twisted christmas tickets
05/11/2015 12:29PM
unwritten rulez
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