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Rock's Most Underrated Bands

An off the cuff comment while I was on air today has got the old hamster on the wheel in my brain running. Namely, Who's the most underrated band in rock and roll and Why?

Everyone who responds will be put into a pool and one of you will wina rock prize pack. Cut off is Thursday (2/10).

02/08/2011 4:10PM
Rock's Most Underrated Bands
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02/08/2011 4:28PM
Electric Six, they are hilarious, songs are great and they put on one hell of a show.
02/08/2011 4:38PM
Lane Webb
Motorhead. A band considered to be loudest in the world and no gold or platinum albums!! Underrated!
02/08/2011 5:15PM
Thin Lizzy, very influential but not really thought of very often.
02/08/2011 6:02PM
Stone Temple Pilots. Sure...STP has received plenty of headlines for the PLATINUM selling releases - CORE, PURPLE, and TINY MUSIC. Their 1999, No4, even sparked an STP renaissance with the unexpected break-thru "Sour Girl". But since then, mainstream radio fell victim to Bieber Spears, and honest rock'n'roll has been suffering. STP has soldiered on, surviving super groups and super demons, coming out the other side with a solid 6th effort - 2010's "STONE TEMPLE PILOTS" - with all four of their original members intact. No other rock band can put on 90+ minutes of ROCK BLISS like these guys - their live show is where they fully demonstrate their musical magic. STP should be considered one of the best rock acts of all time, HOF worthy. Supporting documentation - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLk0QmuZgtg
02/08/2011 6:12PM
Jared Buford
10 YEARS!!! awesome band, way under played and often over looked. Everything from melo to metal!
02/08/2011 7:29PM
Atreyu, they don't get much airtime but if they did they would rock KC! All around an amazing band!!
02/08/2011 7:57PM
Nonpoint, they are a great band that seems to not have a very good publicist. Never on the radio if it wasn't for you tube would have never knew they existed.
02/08/2011 8:02PM
Rock's most underrated band, Signum A.D. www.facebook.com/signumad -- Mr. Nivens I'm open to your opinion. Sure, Breaking Benjamin has Signum A.D. listed as their top myspace friend, but who uses that anymore!? You be the judge....
02/08/2011 8:21PM
Kelly Walter
Signum A.D.~ Powerful and Commanding sound! They Rock every show! They love what they do and it shows in the music!
02/08/2011 8:28PM
Linda Hansen
Clutch. No one ever plays their music and they kick ass.
02/08/2011 9:55PM
IN FLAMES, in my opinion gods of metal but im sure 90% of rock listeners dont know who they are
02/08/2011 9:58PM
10 years by far if your talking modern rock. The band has the best lyrics out there, and some great musical interludes, and yet they get absolutely no recognition at all. Check em' out live, because they are flat out killer when they preform!
02/08/2011 10:40PM
Kimberly Brocato
Signum A.D. An amazing band on its way up. Soon to be a very big name in the music industry.
02/09/2011 1:26AM
Stephanie Martin
Halestorm because chick bands rawk m/
02/09/2011 8:44AM
I think that Red is a very underrated band. They put on an AMAZING show, great music, lyrics that touch your heart, and dont get much credit because they're technically labeled as a Christian band.
02/09/2011 11:40AM
Stephanie Martin
REHAB simply for the fact that they are know for the "Bartender Song". That song is not the only song they made and it gets on my nerves!!! They are amazing to me because they say everything everyone else is afraid to say!
02/09/2011 11:53AM
I'm a fan of Monster Magnet. I have listened to Powertrip over and over. Great CD. Their whole vibe is cool. Wish we heard them more on The Rock. Got hooked on them when I lived in Lincoln, NE ten years ago.
02/09/2011 3:18PM
I personally think one of the most underrated bands are: Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson is one hell of a singer, and if it wasnt for Neanderpaul I wouldnt have known them!
02/09/2011 7:13PM
I will go with CORROSION OF CONFORMITY. Their lineup is interchangeable and a little unstable which is guess is sort of good and bad and their sound is diverse. With Pepper Keenan on vocals you won't find a better fucking band. They can do punk, metal, blues and somehwere in the middle is rock n roll. COC = underrated Clutch is honorable mention.
02/09/2011 7:20PM
Tool...... I've always loved the long, instrumental songs they have had. Probably the same reason I started out listening to Pink Floyd. Both bands are on a WHOLE differnt level that most.
02/10/2011 12:27AM
George Allen
I think one of the most underrated bands of current rock music is Hed PE. They have headlined stages(including rockfest in 03')w the best of em (godsmack tool saliva seether papa roach, etc.). Their short-lived success was achieved thru their former label Jive, however they still uphold a strong underground following. Ppl r quick to write them off as "nu metal" bcaz they gained success around the limp bizkit/korn era and incorporated much hip hop influence into their sound. Hed PE is the only band ive ever heard playing metal,reggae,punk rock rap and countless other genres on albums and onstage and still retaining their hardcore sound!
02/10/2011 7:05AM
I am going to go old school. I would have to say that George Thorogood and the Destroyers. Everyone knows the songs but they never received much praise or accolades.
02/10/2011 2:05PM
Travis Burton
I think that Mastodon is extremely underated. They have mad skills and they dont get much publicity. Most people don't even know who they are.
02/10/2011 2:13PM
Big Mikey
Kansas City's own For The Broken. This band won its Club Wars qualifier on its very FIRST live performance. This band combines blistering guitars, ear splitting vocals and monsterous bass and drums. If you have a chance to see them live before the hit itbig, at 40 no less, run to the show. You will not be disappointed. www.forthebroken.net
02/13/2011 4:22PM
I'm gonna have to say Hurt http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/hurt. This band gets very little if any airtime, since their music is more slow and very different from modern rock. These guys are some of the best songwriters I've heard, they're music is very diverse with interesting harmonies and instrument use. If you're into slower music like Toll, A Perfect Circle, Deftones, etc, then you MUST check this band out.
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