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Rob Zombie/Alice Cooper last night in KC.

Actually in Independence at their Events Center. First time at the venue, first time seeing Alice Cooper and my first time seeing Rob Zombie. Enjoyed everything I saw, from my seats at IEC, to Alice's stage set-up and presentation. There's also no doubt in my mind that Zombie puts an immense amount of thought into his show, his stage set up, their attire and the pyrotechnics... HOLY SH...!

But I have a confession to make... if said show, came waltzing back into Kansas City I would not see it again. Not that I didn't have a good time, again, I have made respect for what those men have done, but I realized I'm not as much of a fan of their music as I perhaps thought I was. Maybe a good two, three, or four songs on the iPod and I'm full. Not to say I wasn't rocking back and forth or pumping my fist a time or two, but for the overall show there was no real WOW factor.

So bring on the retorts, the comments and the "Nivens! You don't know poop!" 'cause all I'm busting out is a simple opinion about the NEXT time they play.

I am, however, excited about checking out a Missouri Mavericks hockey match this year!

10/07/2010 1:53PM
Rob Zombie/Alice Cooper last night in KC.
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10/07/2010 2:24PM
Brian Folkers
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, Niv! I thought the show RULED!
10/07/2010 2:47PM
Nivens: Fuck The Haters U Like What Ever U Like I Have Dont That b4 With Other's So Dont Feel Bad It's Ur Blog And Ur Opinion So Like I Said Fuck The Haters
10/08/2010 6:18AM
Hey Nivens! I have seen Rob Zombie 3 times now and I LOVE the show. The new CD however sounds more gimicky than anything. Its all about the horror movies now and even the songs belong in the movies, don't really stand alone all that well in my opinion.I do love to see him live however. Alice Cooper on the other hand... his show was so violent! Death during practically every song, beating up the woman rag doll. Not a huge Alice fan to begin with but the live show really kind of put me off!
11/10/2010 2:51AM
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